Build Your Website to Apple & Android App. 


Convert your website to the app in just 5 minutes. No technical knowledge is required.

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Multiple app wizard 

Build Android and iOS app

The app creation process is simple with GhasForing App Builder. Enter the app name and a link to a website, set a color scheme, and select a template. You can work with any site, any CMS. And it takes less than 10 minutes to create an application.

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All the most important things for your projects 


File upload or download

Microphone access

Support HTML5 Game

Custom navigation

Loading indicator

GPS Location

Media playback

Camera access

Pool to refresh

And more

App overlay template for any website project. 

4 universal template

These universal templates with user-friendly navigation can be used for any project.

app builder template
app builder

Free real Apple iPhone 12 or Android Pixel 4 for the test with EXPO SDK simulation. 

Realtime app preview

It is easy to test the application before paying and building. With Expo Snack SDK integration, you can view your app in real-time and make changes quickly. We simulate a real application using React Native and show the expected result. After building, you receive a fast Flutter application.

Send iOS app to Test Flight in one click.  

Publish in AppStore without MAC

Are you saying that publishing an iOS app in the AppStore without a Mac PC is difficult or even impossible? GhasForing App Builder can do it all for you – user applications can be automatically published in TestFlight without a Mac or your participation.

app builder

Easily sing your APK, ABB and IPA builds without xCODE and Android Studio 

Sings Manager

Effortless app signing. Just upload your keys to your account and GhasForing App Builder will sign the code automatically.


Send PUSH messages for Android devices with OneSignal API integration. 

PUSH newsletter manager

Create PUSH messages and control statistics without using the interface of third-party services. OneSignal API is already integrated into the GhasForing App Builder interface and is ready to work with Android devices.


Build Android and iOS app