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Assalamu Alaikum, how are you everyone? Hope everyone is well. Today I will show you step by step how to easily create Android and iOS apps for your or your client’s website.

For those of us who manage business websites or blog websites, it is very easy and profitable to manage our site if we all have Android and iOS apps. Or those who work in the marketplace, their clients also need apps. In that case, we can create apps through this platform to meet our own or clients’ needs and earn.

The platform that we will work with today, the technology of this platform is very high quality and compliant. This platform uses Flutter Technology. From here, you can easily upload the app you release on Google Play and Apple App Store. So without further delay, let’s get to the main discussion.

Step 01: You click on this link and click on the website, then click on the Build App button.

apps builder

Step 02: After clicking on the Build App button, the login/signup page will appear. Login / Signup from there.

iOs apps builder

Step 03: Go to the Create App page by clicking on any of the two Create App buttons.

iOS Apps builder

Step 04: Now fill up the app name, and website link. Then select a color and a mobile theme. Then click on the Continue button.

iOS Apps builder

Step 05: Enter your app information in the user agent below, and change your admin email if you want. See the picture below, there are two buttons Android and iOS on the right side. From there you can see the preview of your app. Click the preview button to view the preview.

App builder 05

Step 06: Now click on the Permissions button next to the About app and turn on permissions as per your requirement. Now click on the save change button.

iOS Apps builder

Step 07: Now click on the design option. You can change the colors and theme from the design options in the template options.

Now click on the drawer button next to the template option. Here select Drawer mode from the header setting. Then enter the title and subtitle. Then upload the offline background and arrow logo image to an asset, the background image weight is maxed at 500kb. And size 1920x1920px, logo image weight max 500kb. And size 1200x1200px, click the save button after the image is uploaded.

iOS Apps builder

Step 08: Now click on the Graphics Assets option and do the splash screen setting. Now upload the background, logo, and app icon images to the asset. Background image weight max 500kb. And size 2436x2436px, logo image weight max 500kb. And size 1200x1200px, and app icon image weight max 500kb. And the size is 1024x1024px, now click the save button below.

iOS Apps builder

Step 09: For push notification, log in to the OneSignal website ( for free, set up the message in the name of your project, and copy and paste the Android button from Keys & ID, API KEY & APP ID from the setting option. Turn it on. Now click on the save change button.

App builder 09

Step 10: Now you need to set your Android and Apple keys. First, click on the Key Manager icon on the left side.

Apple Key Setting: Apple Developer account for your Apple Key? (Apple Key for Signing iOS Production Application)

1. List Name,

2. Issuer ID,

3. Key ID to Fillup

and .p8 API Key File and 2048 Bit RSA key to be uploaded.

Android Key Setting- Now for the Android app, add a key from Google Play Store (*jks key to sign the Android production application).

If you can’t set these keys, watch the tutorial on YouTube and set them.

Android Apps builder

Then all your settings are done.

Now download your Android and iOS app by clicking on the New Build button from the app download option.

In case of any problem you can message the site owner/support team by clicking on the chat icon. App release may require payment, if you don’t want to pay online, you can contact the site owner to E-mail: [email protected] and pay manually.

Thank you very much for being with us

Be well always.

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