android mobile device as a sms gateway

Assalamu Alaikum, this post is for those who want to do SMS marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing to increase business promotion. I hope you read this post carefully.

Currently, SMS marketing is one of the most popular means in the world of digital marketing, there is no substitute for delivering your product service to your desired customer easily.

Today I have come up with an easy way to do SMS marketing, through which you can easily do bulk SMS marketing.

Below is a step-by-step guide to getting the job done; How to send bulk SMS from Android Mobile? First you go to this website by clicking this link GhasForing SMS

Step 1: First, register by clicking the Start for Free button

android mobile device as a sms gateway

Step 2: Fill in the registration form and click on the signup button.

bulk sms

Step 3: Now click on the Add Device button from the dashboard

sms marketing

Step 4: If you are browsing this website from your mobile then download it by clicking on the Gateway App Download button or if you are browsing this website from your computer then scan the QR code and download and install it on your mobile.

sms marketing

Step 5: Once the Gateway app is installed, you need to connect your mobile device with the website. To connect the mobile device, open the Gateway app from your mobile, click on the QR code button on the right side.

sms marketing  apps

Step 6: Now login to the dashboard (GhasForing SMS) from the computer and click on the add device button (option 2) Scan the registered device QR code with your mobile. Diameter, your Android mobile will be connected.

sms marketing

Step 7: Now you can send Quick (Single) SMS or Bulk SMS, we will show you how to send Bulk SMS? To send bulk SMS you need to create a group, to upload and save the number list. Create a group.

First click Contact from the header menu, click the Group button on the left, then click the Add Group button, click the Submit button with the group name, your group is created.

sms marketing

Step 8: In order to send bulk SMS, you must have the mobile number ready, the number to which you want to send SMS, you have to list the numbers in an excel file, download a sample excel file to add your numbers.

Click Contacts from the menu, click the Save button on the left, then click the Import button, click on the green highlighted (click here) section to see the Excel file format.

sms marketing

You must use the mobile number in the first column (including the country code, but do not use the plus sign), the name in the second column, and the group ID in the third column (the group you are creating will be added to each row).

Your file is ready, now import the file. Click Contacts from the menu, click the Save button on the left, then click the Import button, click the Choice File button, and click the Submit button. Your listed number has been uploaded. Now send bulk SMS.

Step 9: To send bulk SMS, click on the message from the header, click on the Send button from the left side, click on the bulk SMS from the right side

sms marketing

Step 10: Select the group in which you have saved the number, then set the following options, put your text in the message box and click the send button.

Now keep the gateway app running from your mobile. The diameter is gone, now the unruly will continue to be sent alone. One more thing, to send an SMS, buy an SMS bundle from your SIM company.

send bulk sms

Hopefully, this post will expand your business and increase product/service sales many times over.

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